Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

If we were to take a poll, we find that many men are so worried about erectile dysfunction, even when they are fit as fiddles down there, and take different measures to avoid the problem. For causes of erectile dysfunction, physical ties are often pegged as basic components and can be addressed by a physician.

In some other cases though, there might not be visible physical problems of erectile dysfunction other than the fact that even when they want to, the penis seems to have gone on a strange trip.This then begs the question, "Can erectile dysfunction be psychologically triggered?"

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by a number of factors which include poor blood flow as a result of diabetes and other medical conditions. On the other hand, that non-medical dysfunction that causes inability to perform sexual activities in the man can be related to psychological circumstances.

This dysfunction can also be referred to as Psychogenic Dysfunction which is described in one study of Raymond C. Rosan, PhD in June 2005 as "that largely caused by psychological or interpersonal determinants". This means that psychogenic erectile dysfunction is caused by wide-ranging determinants that are sometimes hidden till the point of intercourse. Some of these sexual glitches may often be temporary and pass without the need for medical intervention.

Causes of Psychogenic erectile dysfunction range from anxiety, general stress, depression, relationship issues, worries of erectile dysfunction, reliance on erectile dysfunction treatment to mention a few.

Anxiety as a determinant of psychological sexual inaction is when there are pressures that are not just stress. We also have performance anxiety which actually refers to sexual performance anxiety that simply means having the pressure of stellar performance during sex. Especially in new relationships where partners are just getting to know each other and are yet to be completely comfortable with each other.

This particular anxiety said to be the most common psychological cause of impotence, is dangerous if neglected as it has a self-perpetuating nature. A straight forward of explaining further on performance anxiety being "self-perpetuating" is that the more worried a man gets about sexual performance, the less able he is to perform.

Now, having said earlier that these dysfunctions can most times be resolved without medical interventions, performance pills anxiety crisis can be averted or neutralised by the partners' coming together in understanding by gently and consistently insinuating themselves into each others' lives, gradually easing themselves into sexual acts and removing high sexual standards and expectations.

General Stress

Stress can be work related, financial issues, the stress of losing a loved one amongst other life stress. Basically, when there is stress, activities in less essential part of the brain including the sexual stimuli parts begin to decrease.

When the brain is stressed, it has also been noted to be a cause for hormonal disorder because there is a very real possibility that levels of testosterone used by the male body to produce erection will drop. To combat this, in cases of financial stress, one should go to experts in the field that will not cost an arm and a leg for advice and subsequent actions. For job stress, depending on your level at the workplace, delegating to other employees or if not within job rights yet, ask that workload be lightened just a little bit to afford a little bit more breathing space.


This particular element that causes psychogenic erectile dysfunction works both medically and non-medically. This is because sometimes, depression can be the direct or indirect results of some medications. Nevertheless, overall fatigue - brain, body and emotional fatigues- is one cause of depression, low and or loss of self-esteem are also causes of depression.

If eating and sleeping habits of an individual are tampered with, it causes disorientation which if not addressed or taken care of properly and on time degenerates into depression. To deal with depression, it is best to talk with a doctor so that they can give leads to relevant therapists. As far as erectile dysfunction and depression are concerned, sometimes, once depression is treated, notable improvements on erectile dysfunction is seen.

Relationship Issues also account for emotional disturbance which eventually distorts or outright disturbs the sexual performance. Being in a relationship where there is no trust, where feelings of guilt as a result of perpetrated acts against one of the partners, feeling wronged in the relationship for carrying larger burden can all be pointed out as blocks to sexual performance, mainly sexual intercourse or unfulfilling sexual relations.

In this case, when the erectile dysfunction is due to relationship problems, it is best to - after ascertaining that the loss of libido is not a side effect from prescriptions or treatments - talk with the other party in the relationship about the concerns then reach a consensus on ways to actively straighten pinpointed issues. Worries of Erectile Dysfunction- as pointed out when talking anxiety, this to some extent can be examined with laws of diminishing returns in mind.

It also follows to add that that the more you see you look, the less you see. What this means is that, although one can never be accused of being too careful where erectile dysfunction is concerned, fear of erectile dysfunction or rather, worries of erectile dysfunction can lead to the development of said dysfunction. Worries work with anxiety, anxiety increase stress level which mostly causes depression and will ultimately lead to loss of interest. When there is no interest in erectile functions, of course, dysfunction sets in. As simple as that.

Reliance on Erectile Treatments -although erectile dysfunction treatment provides a viable short term solution, it often leads the patient to believe that erection is next to unachievable without erectile dysfunction medications. If you do plan to use a supplement we recommend using a natural solution. There are daily supplements on the market that naturally boost libido, stamina and erections. You should avoid brands that have received FDA warnings as these contain hidden drugs. One of the worst offenders are Rhino Pills and they have many side effects. Always get a natural solution from a reputable manufacturer.